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MBR International Affairs articles seek to provide insight into global issues which are overlooked in dominant British media discussions.

The Enduring Shackles of Colonialism

George Collins

The story of Covid’s impact on India is not entirely new. Within living memory, the country experienced a...

Opioids: America's Forgotten Crisis

Gus Mallett

With public attention steadfastly attuned to the coronavirus pandemic, little has been made of the ongoing opioid crisis...

Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Louis Monroy-Santander

The Venezuelan refugee crisis, stemming from the country’s political and socio-economic instability, is an unprecedented catastrophe and is...

Constructing the American Ghetto

Gus Mallett

References to the “ghetto” are rife in American cultural output. Just think of Tupac’s ‘Ghetto Gospel’. Music, TV,...

Dark Tourism in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Isis Menteth Wheelwright & Tamara Vujinovic

Between 2010 and 2013, there was a 240% increase in tourist visits to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia...

What's the Future of Fast Fashion?

Katie Weatherstone

It is not breaking news to anybody that shopping at low-priced, poor quality, global stores is ethically dubious....

Will Bookshops Survive the Pandemic?

John Noakes

Over the last decade, moral compasses have spun and a general consensus has emerged that buying books online...

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On the 18th July, we hosted ‘Balkans > Burek > Booze > Books’ at Mor...

The Case for Degrowth

Oliver Danger Lewis

The Case for Degrowth has a very simple basis: compound economic growth is bo...

Vivienne Westwood: Green Queen or Greenwasher?

Isis Menteth Wheelwright

“Every form of protest was eventually short circuited: The interesting thing ...

Apologies for the Convenience

Saanya Gulati

Imagine if your job was so intrinsically linked to your identity that to be w...