Morocco Bound Review


The MBR book reviews are based in a belief in the power of literature to launch meaningful political, philosophical and cultural conversations.

The Case for Degrowth

Oliver Danger Lewis

The Case for Degrowth has a very simple basis: compound economic growth is both unsustainable and undesirable. When...

Apologies for the Convenience

Saanya Gulati

Imagine if your job was so intrinsically linked to your identity that to be without it would cause...

The Perils of Unlimited Peace, Love & Freedom

Lucie Jubin

This story starts in Paris, in May 1968. Students from Nanterre university (near Paris) and the Sorbonne are...

David Graeber's Bullshit Jobs

Anonymous Worker

I’m writing to you from a state many of us have trudged through this year. Endless work calls,...

Hurricane Season Reviewed

Sean McDonagh

Relentlessly dragging the reader on the trail of a mysterious murder, Fernanda Melchor’s Hurricane Season, expertly translated by...

Nightwood in the 21st Century

Cal Bakaya

Reading Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood is like watching an Olympic gymnastics routine. You find yourself enthralled by Barnes’ contortion...

Dream House as Review

Lucy Mordaunt

The disappearance of Lauren Spierer, a 20 year old who went missing from Bloomington, Indiana in 2011, appears...

Hamnet: No Escape From Reality

Flora Medford

Despite sharing both origin and eponym, Maggie O’Farrell’s award-winning novel Hamnet and the infamous play Hamlet are two...

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On the 18th July, we hosted ‘Balkans > Burek > Booze > Books’ at Mor...

The Enduring Shackles of Colonialism

George Collins
International Affairs

The story of Covid’s impact on India is not entirely new. Within living memor...

Vivienne Westwood: Green Queen or Greenwasher?

Isis Menteth Wheelwright

“Every form of protest was eventually short circuited: The interesting thing ...

The Beauty of Inclusivity

Georgia Paes

Take any photograph of Mexican artist Frida Khalo and you’re confronted by he...