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Sharepieces are personal material - whether they come as first-hand experiences, interviews or art.

Turning Love to Hate with Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

Isis Menteth Wheelwright

Luisa Le Voguer Couvet is one busy woman. The founder of the collective hate, a zine and resource...

Desert Dispatch


In a corner of the desert in South-West Algeria, tall stalks of yellow sunflowers grow next to a...

Losing My Mother to the Anti-Vax Movement

James Tilden

If the government was systematically stripping you of your rights and freedoms, you would fight it, right? Public...

How to Learn a Language in an Hour

Keith Kahn-Harris

Philip Larkin once remarked ‘’I wouldn’t mind seeing China if I could come back the same day”. In...

Some Unknown Pleasures

Koushik Banerjea

In an earlier era of tribal division and social collapse, Nile Rodgers memorably reminded us that ‘these are...

Ageing and Memory Loss: My Granddad Adam

Oliver Lewis

“The real question is – how are we to live our lives? Many feel that, at some point,...

An Architect Walks the Camino

Jonathan Dransfield

I had a great adventure just over a year ago and I intend to write a book about...

Balkans> Burek> Booze

Tamara Vujinovic

On the 18th July, we hosted ‘Balkans > Burek > Booze > Books’ at Morocco Bound: an afternoon...

Remembering Argentina's Desaparecidos

Suzie Beckley

Under Argentina’s military dictatorship lasting from 1976 to 1983, 30,000 people (said to be dissidents) were ‘disappeared’, abducted,...

Mormon-y, More Problems

Thomas Beavis

Every Sunday morning was a battle of wills. Mom: coaxing me out of bed with gentle sunlight and...

Gig: A Short Story

Zoë Dutton

This is hell. Black fucking bootlegs and a black plastic shirt and a stifled city summer with which...

Are You Mental?

Alice Kidney & Ella Nuttall

(Alice Kidney at the launch of Mental’s 2019 exhibition) The founder of Mental, Alice Kidney, talks to us...

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Meditating on Yoga

Lucy Kenningham

“My only real problem,” states Emmanuel Carrère in the first few pages of his...

Meditating on Yoga

Lucy Kenningham

“My only real problem,” states Emmanuel Carrère in the first few pages of his...

The Power of Socialist Architecture

Elsa Kenningham

In the limbo-period of occupation and division following World War Two, the o...

In Review: The Order of Time

Sam Griffin

In many ways, the title of this book is paradoxical. After the first few chap...