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Sharepieces are personal material - whether they come as first-hand experiences, interviews or art.

An Architect Walks the Camino

Jonathan Dransfield

I had a great adventure just over a year ago and I intend to write a book about...

Balkans> Burek> Booze

Tamara Vujinovic

On the 18th July, we hosted ‘Balkans > Burek > Booze > Books’ at Morocco Bound: an afternoon...

Remembering Argentina's Desaparecidos

Suzie Beckley

Under Argentina’s military dictatorship lasting from 1976 to 1983, 30,000 people (said to be dissidents) were ‘disappeared’, abducted,...

Mormon-y, More Problems

Thomas Beavis

Every Sunday morning was a battle of wills. Mom: coaxing me out of bed with gentle sunlight and...

Gig: A Short Story

Zoë Dutton

This is hell. Black fucking bootlegs and a black plastic shirt and a stifled city summer with which...

Are You Mental?

Alice Kidney & Ella Nuttall

(Alice Kidney at the launch of Mental’s 2019 exhibition) The founder of Mental, Alice Kidney, talks to us...

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What Do Men Want?

Oliver Lewis

Here’s a problem for bright minds to solve: a well-mannered, highly respected...

The Craft of Everyday Tragedy

Lucy Kenningham

If you haven’t heard of Lucia Berlin already, no doubt you’ll be forced to so...