Morocco Bound Review

Core Team

Lucy Kenningham


Lucy is a freelance editor from South London interested in music, writing and politics.

Favourite writer: Lucia Berlin

Elsa Kenningham


Elsa studies French and German in Bristol. Pedant by nature, she enjoys editing; although some object to her excessive use of the semicolon.

Favourite artist: The Beatles

Edie McWhinnie


Edie is a Bristol-based, Newcastle-born artist with a penchant for pastry and bad films. You can see more of her incredible art on Instagram @ediemacart.

Favourite writer: Olga Tokarczuk

Jo Gray

Art Director

Jo is a freelance print designer from London interested in art, design, and philosophy.

Favourite author: Jeanette Winterson

Patrick de Mars

Web Developer

Patrick is a music-loving PhD student in AI and energy at UCL.

Favourite artist: Phoenix

Regular Contributors

Cal Bakaya

Cal is a 23 year old South Londoner studying English Literature & Philosophy at the University of Sussex.

Fave artist: Bob Dylan

Zoë Dutton

Zoë is a student, writer and sometimes illustrator living in Edinburgh. She runs a small jewellery business @slinkstore.

Fave artist: Francisco Goya

Isis MW

Isis is a passionate zine maker for 'No Borders'. She is soon to be Montreal-based to study sociology and is known across the continent as Eurovision's biggest fan.

Fave artist: Kurt Vonnegut / Joni Mitchell

Gus Mallett

Gus is a US News Researcher with an MA in American Studies and English Literature. He lives in South East London and loves dogs, Arsenal and sandwiches.

Fave artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds