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Thinkpieces are a new format designed by the MBR to present perspectives and analysis with more freedom and nuance than the traditional opinion column.

The Power of Socialist Architecture

Elsa Kenningham

In the limbo-period of occupation and division following World War Two, the official establishment of East Germany in...

The Case for Not Having Fun

Will Brookman

If depriving yourself from pleasurable chemical reactions in the brain sounds like fun, then you may have been...

On Gluttony & Greed

Thomas Beavis

A brief history of the seven sins Three centuries after the birth of Christ, the man who was...

L'Intellectuel 2.0

Elsa Kenningham

The concept of the public intellectuel is a quintessentially French one. The caricature: a leery, grey-haired white man,...

Halt the Demolition!

Tom Breislin

The argument for never demolishing another building again is a growing trend among environmentalists. That’s right: no building...

Vivienne Westwood: Green Queen or Greenwasher?

Isis Menteth Wheelwright

“Every form of protest was eventually short circuited: The interesting thing is that they are protesting against themselves....

The Beauty of Inclusivity

Georgia Paes

Take any photograph of Mexican artist Frida Khalo and you’re confronted by her vibrant cheeks or bold lip....

Shining a Light on Marshall McLuhan

Zoë Dutton

In September of 2020, user @W7FJXR63 tweeted: either sex, horror movie binge watch, or disassociating. those are the...

Law, Morals & Covid-19

Ella Nuttall

How valuable is a life? What should one sacrifice for the life of another? What are the responsibilities...

The Moral Maze of Memoir

Lucy Kenningham

Imagine this: you’re married to a writer. A writer who is known for his innovative blend of memoir...

Hello Sadness, Goodbye Feminism

Yvette Parry

Francoise Sagan’s debut novel Bonjour Tristesse made her an overnight sensation in 1950s France, where she sold over...

Your Tongue Shapes your Vision

Elsa Kenningham

If I write “sandwich”, what do you picture? Okay, the stakes for this word are low – even...

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Meditating on Yoga

Lucy Kenningham

“My only real problem,” states Emmanuel Carrère in the first few pages of his...

Meditating on Yoga

Lucy Kenningham

“My only real problem,” states Emmanuel Carrère in the first few pages of his...

In Review: The Order of Time

Sam Griffin

In many ways, the title of this book is paradoxical. After the first few chap...

Turning Love to Hate with Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

Isis Menteth Wheelwright

Luisa Le Voguer Couvet is one busy woman. The founder of the collective hate,...